Bombas Donates Over 10,000 Pairs of Socks and Other Clothing to JFSLA Clients 

For the past several years, Bombas, a sock and apparel company, has donated socks and other clothing items to JFS Hope’s domestic violence services and the JFS SOVA Community Food and Resource Program (SOVA). Bombas works with more than 3,500 community organizations across the country to provide over 75 million essential clothing items to people experiencing homelessness or living in poverty.

“We are incredibly grateful to play a small role in the important and incredible work that JFSLA does for the community,” said Melina Morris, Senior Giving Manager at Bombas. “We are inspired and fueled by the service of our giving partners.”  

“I have been so happy with the amount of donations we’ve received from Bombas,” said Kathi Dawidowicz, JFSLA Supply and Logistics Manager at JFS SOVA. Since 2019, JFS SOVA has received an estimated 9,250 pairs of socks that have been given out to the JFSLA clients experiencing homelessness.  

Bombas’ donations also have a major impact on families at JFS Hope’s emergency shelters. Over the past two years, Bombas has donated nearly 1,000 pairs of socks, as well as shirts and undergarments, to JFS Hope.   

“The donations have been great. We have the choice to order any size and quantity we need,” said Cynthia Castro, JFSLA Hope’s Quality Assurance Specialist. “Staff members usually know the population we serve in our shelters, so we are able order sizes and have them ready for clients who need them. We order smaller sizes for children as well.” 

In addition, partnering with agencies like Bombas helps JFSLA educate the community about domestic violence and how victims of domestic violence often leave abusive situations with nothing except the clothes on their backs.  

“Many people do not know what domestic violence is. As outside organizations learn of our services and shelters, they help spread the word out about our work and services available,” said Cynthia. “For victims of domestic violence to be able to leave and not worry about financial costs, I think is one of the reasons why these organizations want to help and focus on domestic violence.”  

Companies and individuals interested in donating clothing and other essential items to JFS Hope can contact Cynthia Castro, JFSLA Hope’s Quality Assurance Specialist at Items can also by purchased by visiting JFS Hope’s Amazon wish list. If you or anyone you may know is in an abusive relationship, please call our 24-hour crisis line at 818-505-0900 or 323-681-2626. To learn more about our JFS Hope services, please visit 

Companies and individuals interested in donating toiletries and other essential items to JFS SOVA, can contact Kathi Dawidowicz, Supply and Logistics Manager at JFS SOVA at To learn more about our service at JFS SOVA, please visit 

To make a donation in support of JFSLA programs, please visit