Senior Management Staff

Eli Veitzer

President & CEO
Susie Forer-Dehrey, LCSW

Executive Vice President
David Felman

Chief Financial Officer
Sylvia LaMalfa, LCSW

Senior Vice President of Programs & Services Chief Program Officer
Margaret Avineri, Psy. D

Senior Director of Integrated Clinical Services & Quality Management
Susan Belgrade, LCSW

Senior Director of Multipurpose & Senior Centers
Karen Rosenthal, LMFT

Senior Director of Children & Family Services
Carol Bar-Or

Co-Director of Resource Development
Remy Bender

Co-Director of Resource Development
Amanda Bender

Director of Grant Development
Michael Sidman

Director of Communications
Nancy Volpert

Director of Public Policy & Strategic Initiatives
Dawn Wallace

Director of Human Resources
Joyce Williams

Director of Volunteer Services & Training

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