Getting Started/FAQs

Getting Started/FAQs

Interested in volunteering but aren’t sure if the opportunity is right for you? Below you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

How do I become a JFS volunteer?

The first step in becoming a JFS volunteer is to complete the online Volunteer Application.  After your application is approved, you’ll able to sign up for volunteer shifts. For some volunteer opportunities next steps will include an in-person interview, background check and training. Can we change to please submit a volunteer application and once it is approved you are able to sign up for shifts.

Do you have group volunteer opportunities? 

Yes, we offer a few group volunteer opportunities depending upon your interests. These primarily take place at SOVA, our food pantry. Group sizes are limited to 8-10 people. Please contact our Director of Volunteers at 323-556-2928 for more information.

Do you have one-time only volunteer opportunities? 

For the vast majority of our volunteer opportunities we ask for a 6-month minimum commitment. However, we do offer a few one-time only volunteer opportunities. These primarily take place at SOVA, our food pantry,  meal site or helping at special events. For more information, please contact our Director of Volunteers at 323-556-2928 for more information.

My child has a Mitzvah project she has to complete. What are my options?  

We offer several meaningful opportunities for Mitzvah projects. Depending upon your child’s interests, he or she can volunteer at SOVA (if over the age of 12), organize a food drive, organize a drive benefiting children and families at our shelters, host an event at our senior centers, and more.

I want to teach a (wellness, exercise, poetry, you name it!) class. How can I help? 

We would love to speak with you about what you’re willing to share with our clients. We offer clients in-person as well as virtual classes, and we’re always looking for new ideas. Please contact our Director of Volunteers at 323-556-2928 for more information.

I am interested in interning as part of my Master’s program. How do I sign up? 

Please contact Coordinator of Fieldwork Education, Robyn Altmann, LCSW at 818-789-1293 for information about interning with JFS.

My child wants to volunteer. Do you have a minimum age for volunteering? 

Yes, our minimum age for volunteering is 16 years old and only at our food pantry programs. We do not offer opportunities for children younger than 16 even when accompanied by a parent.

I need to finish court-ordered hours. Can I volunteer with you?  

While you are welcome to volunteer with us, we are not able to complete court-ordered paperwork. 

Can I take pictures during my volunteer shift? 

No, we adhere to the strictest of guidelines regarding client confidentiality. As a result, we have a strict policy of no photography during volunteer shifts.  

Do you have holiday volunteer opportunities? 

Yes, we have several holiday volunteer opportunities, including helping at our Purim, Passover, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah events and more. Please contact our Director of Volunteers at 323-556-2928 for more information.

I want to volunteer to organize a drive for items needed for your shelters or SOVA. Do you accept donations?

Yes, we only accept new items for our shelters, please contact Cynthia Castro, JFS Hope Quality Assurance Specialist at 818-789-1293 Ext 304. We are in high need of toiletry donations for SOVA. Please contact Kathi Dawidowicz, SOVA Supply and Logistics Manager at 818-988-7682 Ext. 120 for more information about where to drop off your donations.



Please contact our Director of Volunteers & Training at 323-556-2928.