Special Needs Life Skills (HaMercaz & Chaverim)

Special Needs Life Skills (HaMercaz & Chaverim)

JFSLA’s Special Needs Life Skills Program (formerly known as HaMercaz & Chaverim) provides comprehensive support to individuals with special needs and their families. We offer three areas of support:

  • Support Groups

Parents and caregivers of children with special needs are provided with support groups, parent and professional workshops and connections to Jewish community programs.

  • Targeted Case Management

Families and individuals with special needs are provided with information and referrals, case management, and advocacy assistance.

  • Life Skills Program

JFSLA’s Life Skills Program provides weekly activities to adults with special needs where participants embark on a journey of personal growth, skill development, and social confidence. Participants foster relationships and build a supportive community where they can thrive. We also offer volunteer opportunities for participants to work within JFSLA programs with staff support, providing opportunities to build vocational skills and contribute to the community.

Life Skills participants must be at least 18 years old. 

Special Note: We have weekly activities, day trips, an annual Passover Seder and Chanukah party, plus special events. We conduct activities both in-person and on zoom.

For more information, please contact lifeskills@jfsla.org.

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