Early Childhood Program

Our Raising Baby program allows you to build your own unique family experience while answering your questions, coaching you on your way, and helping you and your baby start off on the right foot.

Raising Baby is a no-cost program that provides individual and group sessions to help strengthen the parent-child relationship through support, education, and guidance. Through video conferencing from the convenience of your own home, you can access face-to-face individual guidance and support from both a licensed clinician and a parenting coach on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You can also join monthly groups with other parents in your neighborhood. Raising Baby will connect you to a caring community of like-minded parents and to local community resources, helping you nurture your baby from late pregnancy to 3 years old, the most crucial of developmental stages.



Expectant families in their third trimester. For more information, please email RaisingBaby@jfsla.org or call (310) 272-7878.

Need help and don’t know where to start?

Call Central Access: (877) 275-4537