SOVA Community Food and Resource Program

“SOVA” is a Hebrew word that means "eat and be satisfied."

Much more than a food pantry, JFS { SOVA provides free groceries and an array of supportive services to over 9,000 individuals of all ages, ethnicities and religions each month. At SOVA's two comprehensive service centers in the Los Angeles area, we offer:


Free nutritious food that nourishes families, helps children perform better in school, and strengthens the elderly.

Free on-site services including legal advocacy, job counseling, nutrition counseling, food stamp enrollment, information and referrals, case management and counseling.

Hundreds of people of all ages work together each week to support the program and the community. 

We reach out to the community and legislators in support of vulnerable members of society in need of food, opportunity and social services.

SOVA Community Food & Resource Program  - Click For Locations & Hours
Main Office: 16439 Vanowen Street Van Nuys, CA 91406   818-988-7682

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