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Older Adult Health and Fitness Centers

JFS operates two fitness centers that assist older adults in remaining active and healthy. Our Fitness Centers use special ergonomically supportive exercise equipment designed for older adults. Our trained professional staff is dedicated to providing opportunities for older adults to live a healthier, more active life. In conjunction with our exercise classes, the fitness centers help participants to:
- improve balance
- increase endurance
- avoid falls
- maintain/improve range of motion and flexibility
- improve their overall health and wellbeing

Our fitness centers provide individual assessment and detailed exercise regimes for each participant using evidence-based practices and ongoing monitoring of their fitness profiles. In addition, we offer group fitness classes in strength, balance and flexibility training.

Adapted from the Cal State Fullerton and University of Southern California Fall Prevention Centers of Excellence, these programs are an outstanding way to strengthen the body, reduce stress and improve general well being.


Eichenbaum Health and Fitness Center
330 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

For more information about the Eichenbaum Health and Fitness Center, please contact the Eichenbaum Fitness Center Coordinator Chris Tafralian at 323.933.0791 or

Effective October 3, 2011, the JFS { Eichenbaum Health and Fitness Center will be selling individual and couples membership packages for access to the gym. For more information, please click here to view our flyer.

Valley Storefront Fitness Center
12821 Victory Boulevard.
North Hollywood, CA 90036

For more information about the Valley Storefront Fitness Center, please contact the VSF Fitness Center Coordinator Danny Vasquez at 818.984.1380 or

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