FOOD PANTRY ELIGIBILITY Clients must self-certify that they meet the income guidelines posted below. Anyone who fits the income criteria and is in need of healthy groceries is eligible to receive assistance at the SOVA food pantries. Eligibility for SOVA’s free grocery distribution is determined by family size and household income level. Generally, the eligibility guideline is yearly income at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. However, when determining eligibility, we take into consideration the high cost of living in Los Angeles and individual circumstances that may place a family in crisis.  

Number of
Persons in
Tamaño de Hogar
Ingresos Mensuales
Ingresos Anuales
1 $ 2,855.25 $ 34,263
2 $ 3,861.83 $ 46,342
3 $ 4,868.42 $ 58,421
4 $ 5,875.00 $ 70,500
5 $ 6,881.58 $ 82,579
6 $ 7,888.17 $ 94,658
7 $ 8,894.75 $ 106,737
8 $ 9,901.33 $ 118,816
Over 8

Mas de 8 Personas

Add $1006.59  each

Añada $1006.59 por cada persona

Add $12,079 each

Añada $12,079 por cada person


New clients will need to bring …

  • A cart, wagon, or large rolling suitcase to transport a large amount of groceries.
  • If you live in the City of West Hollywood you will need to provide proof of address or fill out an affidavit of constituency.

You may visit the SOVA pantry twice each calendar month to receive groceries for all eligible household members.

During your visit, please inform the SOVA volunteer of any special dietary requirements so that your order can be packed appropriately (example: no meat, no pork, Kosher, etc.).

Please call our main office at (818) 988- 7682.

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