Anyone with very low income is eligible to receive assistance at a SOVA Center. Eligibility for SOVA’s free grocery distribution is determined by family size and household income level. Generally the eligibility guideline is yearly income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. However, when determining eligibility we take into consideration the high cost of living in Los Angeles and individual circumstances that may place a family in crisis. Nobody is ever turned away without food.

Number of
Persons in
1 $1,458.75 $17,505
2 $1,966.25 $23,595
3 $2,473.75 $29,685
4 $2,987.35 $35,775
5 $3,488.75 $41,865
6 $3,996.25 $47,955
7 $4,503.75 $54,045
8 $5,011.25 $60,135


For family units with more than 8 members, add $3,960 for each additional person to 100% of Federal Poverty Level and $7,920 to Maximum Annual Income.

On your first visit, please arrive by the time the pantry first opens in the morning in order to register as a new participant and receive the complete program orientation.

We request official photo identification of first-time participants as well as identification for each additional household member showing that all are living at the same address. Please bring birth certificates for minor children.

You may visit the SOVA pantry once in each calendar month and receive groceries for all eligible household members. Grocery orders are sized according to the number of household members. If you are homeless and do not have refrigeration and/or cooking facilities, you may visit twice each month.

Please inform the SOVA volunteer of special dietary requirements so that your order can be packed appropriately (example: no meat, no pork, low salt, low sugar, Kosher, etc.).

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Main Office: 16439 Vanowen Street Van Nuys, CA 91406   818-988-7682

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