Organizing a Food Drive

A wonderful way to help support SOVA in its mission to fight hunger in the LA area is by organizing a food drive. Food drives are an excellent team-building exercise for your business or community organization. Or if you are a student needing to complete community service hours, the time spent organizing a food drive can help satisfy this commitment. And it is a terrific way to educate your friends and neighbors on the problem of hunger in our local area.

The first step in organizing a successful food drive is planning.

  • Does your food drive have a specific theme? Planning it around a holiday or special event can help make it more effective.
  • How much do you intend to collect? Setting a specific goal (pounds, cans, dollars, etc.) will increase the success of the drive by giving all participants a target to aim for.
  • Who are your potential donors? Decide on who you will be asking donations from so you can develop a message that appeals to this audience. Is it local businesses and grocers? Co-workers? Organization members? Neighbors? The appeal to each may be different.
  • What items are you asking for? For answers to what items SOVA needs most, please click HERE.
  • When and where will you run the food drive? Usually it is better to plan to carry out the drive over a week or two to allow people to respond. And having one or more specific locations for people to bring their donations to makes collection easier. (SOVA can provide you with barrels in advance to receive your donations - just call 818-988-7682).
  • How do you plan to publicize the food drive? Colorful posters and flyers that let everyone know the theme of your food drive, the dates, drop-off locations, and what items are needed will make your project a bigger success. You may also want to make phone calls and send emails to everyone you know encouraging them both to donate and to help spread the word.


During Your Food Drive

  • Be sure to keep all participants aware of your progress toward your goal. This builds enthusiasm and keeps everyone focused.
  • Periodically check the containers at your donation sites to ensure that they are not overflowing and that no one has placed foods that might spoil into them.


After Your Food Drive Ends

  • Remember to thank your donors. Make a point of letting all who participated know how successful the drive was and thank each one for their part in helping to reach the goal. Written thank you notes are a great way to show your appreciation.
  • Arrange to get your donations to SOVA. We invite you to bring your collected food to any of our Pantry Locations during regular pantry hours so we can thank you in person for your generosity. Please call in advance. If you cannot transport the collected items yourself, please call 818-988-7682 and we can have our truck come to pick it up.

Organizing your food drive involves creative thinking, organizational strategy and skilled promotion. The more people you can get involved, the greater your chances of success. And the more successful your food drive is, the more people you will help to feed. Remember, every donation helps in the fight to end hunger.

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