Liana Garcia Remains Passionate About Her Domestic Violence Work

In 2018, Liana Garcia was in search of a new workplace. She had 22 years of experience working for two domestic violence emergency shelters in Los Angeles when the program suddenly ended. Wanting to remain in her field, Liana applied to JFS Hope, Jewish Family Service LA’s domestic violence program. Despite her years of experience, she was willing to take on a more entry-level role at JFS Hope so she could continue helping survivors.  

“Liana is committed to empowering victims of domestic violence,” said Karen Rosenthal, JFSLA Senior Director of Children and Families.  

Liana worked as an overnight back-up staff at JFS Hope for about eight months. In this role, she provided support to staff, distributed any needed supplies to survivors, and answered the shelter phone.  

Before she completed her first year at JFS Hope, Liana was promoted to Case Manager and began guiding clients through legal services, assisting families with housing and employment status, and planning clients’ personal goals, all while helping them build independence and confidence. A few weeks ago, Liana was promoted again to Program Manager.  

“Liana understands the population and is empathetic as well as supportive,” said Rosenthal. “As Program Manager, she leads with a strong yet gentle hand.”  

Liana is passionate about going the extra mile to make sure clients do not feel alone through any step of the process. In the past, she has accompanied clients to sign their apartment lease, knowing it would be the first time for many, or has shopped for groceries for the emergency shelters. 

“I love being able to help clients and see them become self-sufficient and break away from the cycle of violence,” said Liana. 

Liana’s current tasks include assisting case managers, making decisions on how to best help clients, and assisting with any client situations that may arise. Although Liana’s responsibilities have changed, she feels as passionate about her work as if it were her first day.