JFS Hope’s Kitty Glass Receives Domestic Violence Award for Excellence in Service

On Tuesday, October 19th, JFS Hope Community Outreach Coordinator, Kitty Glass, was awarded the Award for Excellence in Service by the LA County Domestic Violence Council and LA City Domestic Violence Alliance at their annual DVA/DVC 2021 Events & Awards Celebration. The Award for Excellence in Service recognizes outstanding efforts in the prevention of and/or intervention in domestic violence in Los Angeles County.

For over 25 years, Kitty has been a vital member of the JFS Hope domestic violence services team and has demonstrated admirable dedication and respect for the dignity, worth, and humanity in each person she meets. She is known throughout Los Angeles for her educational and training workshops which expand community awareness of domestic violence for community groups and domestic violence professionals alike. As Outreach Coordinator for JFS Hope, Kitty has organized and facilitated the 40-hour state-mandated training, helping to train over 600 people. These attendees included community leaders, professionals, volunteers, and laypersons, all of whom benefited from Kitty’s knowledge and ease in presenting. Each training is unique and provides reliable, up-to-date information and resources on domestic violence in Los Angeles County. Kitty taps into her robust network of community leaders and experts to shed light on domestic violence’s intersectionality and complex effects on individuals, children, and communities.

“Kitty’s warmth, positivity and mentorship are recognized by all who are privileged to work with her,” said JFS Director of Children and Families Services Karen Rosenthal. “Kitty Glass’s dedication and commitment to the field and to the clients make her a deserving recipient for the Award for Excellence in Service.”

Along with the 40-hour training, Kitty has created and implemented a comprehensive program designed to spread awareness about how domestic violence affects our community. Through this effort, she has presented to over 200 community groups, synagogues, churches, medical offices, and schools. Her knowledge of domestic violence, her knack for creating engaging presentations, and her ability to “speak to her audience” make her an invaluable resource.

As an example of the impact that Kitty’s outreach has had, in 2017 Kitty contacted the Professional Beauty Association and its Cut it Out program hoping to partner with them. As a result, JFS Hope now trains cosmetology students in Los Angeles to “recognize, respond and refer” clients who might be in a domestic violence relationship. Kitty has built relationships with many cosmetology schools in the greater Los Angeles area and facilitated trainings for over 1,000 students!

In addition to her outreach, Kitty has trained and supervised the volunteers at JFS Hope, ensuring they are supported in their work while keeping them up to date on policy and procedures. JFS Hope is grateful to have had so many committed volunteers.  Kitty’s incredible talent for recruiting, training, and supporting them is a big part of why our volunteers choose JFS Hope to begin with, and why many of them choose to stay for several years.

On top of all this, Kitty also helps organize events for clients, maintains relationships with donors, and is one of the treasured “faces” at Hope. She has served not only the clients of JFS Hope, but also the entire Los Angeles community.

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