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Take 5 with Lindsey Rosin Passman and Josh Passman


At this year’s upcoming JFS { Gala, the prestigious JFS { Anita and Stanley Hirsh Award is being presented to Lindsey Rosin Passman & Josh Passman and Alixandra Liiv. Lindsey and Josh are as dedicated to their careers as they are to giving back to the community. Josh is an attorney with a commitment to social justice and Lindsey Rosin Passman is a successful writer/director/producer in television and her first novel, Cherry, will be published in August. Lindsey and Josh have been active members of the JFS { Young Leaders since its inception. Lindsey served as the JFS { Young Leaders Communications Co-Chair as well as the Volunteer Coordinator for the JFS { Tools for School Community Day and Josh currently serves as the JFS { Young Leaders Co-Chair and is on the JFS { Board of Directors. We sat down with them to talk to about their experience with the Young Leaders and how they manage to balance it all.

1.  What is your favorite part of being in the JFS { Young Leaders?
Besides the obvious benefit of getting to help and support people in need through JFS, we love connecting and working with other like-minded young leaders who make community service a priority in their lives

2.   You are quite the power couple, how do you balance work, life, and giving back to the community?
Thank you! We are still learning how to balance it all – and be “adults” – but mostly we make it all work by supporting and loving each other as much as we can. We also do our best to support one another as we work towards our individual professional dreams. Luckily, we both grew up in households where community service was a high priority, and we still share that value today. Gratefully, our lives are busy and full, but giving back to the community helps keep us balanced.

3. What is it about JFS that inspires you?
We are inspired by the foundation of Jewish Family Service, and both parts of its slogan: a family of services, a family that serves. First of all, JFS provides a wealth of necessary services that serve the most vulnerable members of our community. If there is a need, JFS helps provide a solution. And then secondly, JFS (and its employees and volunteers) really does treat all of its clients like family no matter who they are, where they come from or what religion they may practice. We love that JFS is deeply rooted in Jewish values and are just as proud that it strives to help EVERY member of the greater Los Angeles community.

4.     What is a lesson you have learned through your work with JFS?
We have learned that leading by example is the best way to recruit and inspire people to support causes you care about.

5.  Why would you encourage other young professionals to become a part of JFS { Young Leaders?
JFS Young Leaders is a vibrant group of passionate people who are all striving to make a difference in our community. We know that time is precious and everyone feels over-scheduled, but we promise that a commitment to JFS is an incredible investment in your own mental health and soul.

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