The Gunther-Hirsh Family Center


Funds raised through the Capital Campaign will allow JFS to rebuild our Fairfax Center, renamed the Gunther-Hirsh Family Center in honor of their unparalleled generosity and leadership. The new structure will serve as a flagship location for our agency, and in a bold step forward, will fully integrate health and mental health services, expand and strengthen our reach into the community, consolidate our broad array of programs, increase operating efficiency, and reduce rental costs. The new facility will more than double in size from it’s current structure, growing from 12,000 to about 28,000 square feet, with three floors and ample parking.

The Lois and Richard Gunther Center will include:

  • The Freda Mohr Center which offers case management, transportation, information and referral and wellness programming
  • JFS Home Based Services, to help frail older adults and individuals with disabilities remain safe and independent in their own homes
  • Expansion of Health and Wellness activities including additional ergonomically supportive strength training and cardio equipment designed for older adult use, and more group fitness classes
  • The integration of the adjacent Hirsh Kosher Café, a place for older adults and individuals with disabilities to socialize and enjoy healthy meals
  • The establishment of a centralized administrative headquarters, on the third floor of the new structure complete with spacious meeting facilities and outdoor terraces that can be used for community and agency events
  • A Wall of Honor recognizing the most generous donors to the JFS Capital and Endowment Campaign
  • An open and energetic atmosphere designed to welcome individuals of all ages and races, offering intergenerational and multicultural programming

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