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The first three years of your baby’s life have a profound effect on their future wellbeing. These key moments can determine your baby’s social, emotional, intellectual, language, and motor development. With so much to consider, this can be a stressful and confusing time. Could you use a personal coach and a network of support?

Raising Baby is a new, free-of-charge program that connects expectant parents to the guidance, support, and education that can help navigate your developing baby’s daily changes and challenges. From the convenience of your own home, Raising Baby allows you to build your own unique family experience while answering your questions, coaching you on your way, and helping you and your baby start off on the right foot. Through video conferencing, you can access face-to-face individual guidance and support from both a licensed clinician and parenting coach on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and join monthly groups with other parents in your neighborhood. Raising Baby will connect you to a caring community of likeminded parents and to local community resources, helping you nurture your baby from late pregnancy to 3 years old, the most crucial of development stages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program help me and my baby?
Raising Baby will give you information, support, resources, and a community of people like you to help you navigate your developing baby’s daily changes and challenges. Through videoconferencing you will get to meet individually with both a licensed clinician and parenting coach to discuss any questions you may have and get tips and answers to all your parenting questions. Additionally, once a month you will get to videoconference and connect with other parents in your neighborhood to discuss child development issues and learn from each other.

Who is eligible?
Expectant parents can sign up for Raising Baby as early as their second trimester. The program would start in their third trimester. Expectant mothers should ideally live in the North Hollywood area and be interested in using videoconferencing as a means of parenting support. The program is open to expectant parents of all genders, ages, and backgrounds.

How much does the program cost?
All program fees for Raising Baby have been waived for parents who sign up in 2020.

I am not Jewish; can I still participate?
Absolutely! Jewish Family Service LA serves everyone.

This is not my first child; can I still participate?
Yes, Raising Baby will be helpful to all expectant parents, whether or not they are having their first child.

The father of my baby isn’t in the picture, is that ok?
Yes, Raising Baby welcomes all types and configurations of families.

What is the schedule and what is the time commitment?
Each family’s experience with Raising Baby will be unique to them. Groups of no more than 10 parents will meet once a month via videoconference for 90 minutes at time that is most convenient the group. Parents can also meet individually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with their clinician and parent coach. Individual sessions will be no more than one hour.

What is videoconferencing and how will it be used?
Videoconferencing allows you to use a phone, computer, or tablet to meet with your parenting support team from the comfort of your own home. All contact takes place over the internet through email, videoconferencing, online chat, or a phone call so you do not have to worry about transportation, traffic, parking, or childcare.

If I do not own my own computer/tablet will I be able to participate?
Yes, computers/tablets will be available upon request for Raising Baby participants. There is no charge for computer equipment.

If I plan to go back to work after having my baby can I still participate?
Yes, a videoconferencing-based system allows for easier scheduling without the hassle of transportation. The Raising Baby team will schedule the video meetings and groups at times that are most convenient to our participants.

Who will be leading the group and individual sessions?
The Raising Baby team is made up of full-time professionals and/or licensed clinicians who have specialized training in early childhood development.

Do I have to commit to all 3 years now?
It is ideal for participants to remain in the program for all three years to receive the full benefits. However, any length of participation will be beneficial to you and your baby.

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